Touchtile is an idea that has been bouncing around my head for a while.. an illuminating tile that could be stacked to cover large surface areas and respond to human touch. A tile would contain a matrix of color LEDs, a capacitive sensor, and a microprocessor, making it a self-sufficient unit. Connectors at each side of the tile would also allow a number of them to snap together and communicate with one another.

In 2004 I got around to making one working prototype of the tile concept, hoping to pitch it to my friend who recently opened a restaurant in New York. At the time, I did some research into availablity of similar products and saw an opportunity to make something cheaper and self-contained using inexpensive microprocessors built-in into tiles themselves. There didn't seem to be anything available as yet offering sensing capability, although such products are becoming available now.

TouchTile prototype utilizing inexpensive nylon cover and wooden sides, purchased at the indispensable Japanese "creative lifestyle" store TokyuHands.
Glowing green in the dark.
Holding the tile triggers a color fade.. from red to orange as shown in this montage.
Touching the tile to turn it on.
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