Nadja is a Java application written as an experiment in creating a web interface that is three-dimensional and interactive. The purpose of the program was to be a container for http links, visualized in the form of a fractal known as Hilbert's space-filling curve. The 3-d structure can be scaled, rotated in space, and grown to infinity as new links are added to it. Each link on Nadja in turn becomes its own fractal shape.

This project won 2nd prize as an interactive entry at New York Art Director's Club annual competition in 2000.

NY Art Director's Club

nadja website as it appeared back in 1999
Nadja interface.. the cube can be rotated, scaled and "grown" using a mouse.
Selecting one of the links on the cube with a mouse, an box with relevant information appears below..
Clicking on a link reduces the structure of the cube to a single element.
This screenshot shows the cube scaled up and grown to 2nd degree.
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